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Here at Gharbanaein, we are thrilled to help you explore thousands of properties at this newly formed platform. Our digital advertisements and database platform is dedicated to impacting the real estate sector more conveniently and quickly. Following our platform as well as services and networks, you will find it very straightforward to access the content by Gharbanaein. it should also be noted that you simply agree to be bounded by our Term of Use in accordance with our standard terms and conditions alongside the Privacy Policy stated below.

1. General disclaimer

  • As a digital web portal, Gharbanaein is not able to validate any sort of content advertising at its very domain site.
  • Users must all-time properly conduct analysis independently for verification related to the authenticity of any project or property.
  • We always recommend our users to analyze properly with diligence as well as visiting inspection of any property or project prior to getting geared up in any sort of deals whether with an individual or an agent at our platform.
  • Therefore, it is quite apparent that we do not take liability or responsibility for any type of third-party source advertising properties on Gharbanaein.
  • We do not accept liability for any other advertised sites or platforms being shown at Gharbanaein. Simply you will be navigated away from Gharbanaein whenever you click on an external link.
  • The overall security and precision of any account are the responsibility of the user.
  • It is always guided to keep your personal and private information confidentially secured and only provide the platform with the required and authentic data necessary for your account.
  • All the views expressed by the users are their own and they should be followed.
  • If you refuse to agree to any of the terms included in our Terms of Use, then it is requested not to use our platform services.
  • This Terms of Use is something that might get updated timely by Gharbanaein administration without any proclaiming notice to the user. Such types of updates shall be functional immediately.
  • If you use Gharbanaein properly and inconsistently in accordance with our Terms of Use, then the platform might have to remove/block or completely restrict your access to the Gharbanaein platform.

2. General Terms and Conditions

  • Gharbanaein was built to provide advisory content related to finance, investment as well as real estate, or brokerage. 
  • Our services might include advertisement and promotional content.
  • We don’t act as real estate agents unless you buy a subscription for our agent services.
  • We don’t represent our users searching for a property or advertising a property at Gharbanaein and won’t support any party in any of the property’s options.
  • Gharbanaein shall not be responsible for the outcomes you might face while negotiating with a seller, buyer, landlord, tenant, owner, or more to any of the advertised properties at Gharbanaein.
  • You are required to stay loyal to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with rules and regulations.
  • You are not allowed to republish, copy advertise or promote any content advertised at or produced by Gharbanaein.
  • You cannot upload any material that can be harmful to Gharbanaein. This can include, schemes, funnels, malware, viruses, spam, phishing, etc.
  • Gharbanaein might assign or subcontract one or each of the rights it holds alongside obligations under any type of user’s agreement.
  • Users must not assign, subcontract or transfer their rights or obligations under any sort of agreement from Gharbanaein before noted consent.

3. Terms and Conditions regarding Advertisement of Property on Gharbanaein

  • You should sign the warrant that shows your ownership of a property you are looking forward to advertising on Gharbanaein or should be authorized by the owner of the property legally.
  • You agree to these terms and thereby holds Gharbanaein alongside its employees, officers, workers, agents, and consultants harmless against any type of inconveniences that might result from your advertisement at Gharbanaein.
  • You are required to stay loyal to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with rules and regulations.
  • Gharbanaein holds the authorization to refuse in advertising your property as its final decision without needing to prove a reason.
  • Gharbanaein holds the authorization to remove any advertised property at any time as its final decision without needing to prove a reason.
  • You should signify the authenticity of the warrants and the particulars of the properties with accuracy. Also, other information related to the property should be completely accurate, authentic and holds Gharbanaein alongside its employees, officers, workers, agents, and consultants harmless against any type of inconveniences that might result from your advertisement at Gharbanaein.
  • You must not have been excluded from utilizing our services at Gharbanaein.
  • To utilize our services, every user should be of legal age and capacity before advertising at Gharbanaein.
  • Except if allowed by Gharbanaein, according to a different arrangement, and with the assent of the lawful proprietors of the property/properties, you may just utilize our administrations for yourself corresponding to your property/properties. 
  • You might be needed to pay expenses/charges corresponding to some of the benefits according to our strategies and advancements.
  • You cannot exclude or differentiate any type of copyright notice published by Gharbanaein.
  • You cannot misrepresent or showcase any information or provide incorrect or false info related to any property advertised on Gharbanaein.
  • No data contained at will comprise a greeting or a proposal to put resources into any property. Further, nothing distributed on the platform ought to be considered as a suggestion by Gharbanaein. 
  • You won’t promote any property utilizing any protected data, or data that you don’t have the authorization to utilize. 
  • Gharbanaein offers no assurance or warranties that there would be a positive reaction or any reaction when the property is put in plain view. Any installments made to in such a manner are exclusively for the motivations behind the show of the property promoted.
  • You cannot remove or delete any of the published advertisements for a property for at least one week period on Gharbanaein.
  • You don’t have the authority to interfere in the experience of services other users are experiencing.
  • You won’t make links from any site or website page to any page or webpage on Gharbanaein express with the platform’s express composed consent. 
  • Gharbanaein may, at its sole tact and without giving any reasons, suspend your administrations (even paid administrations), if there should arise an occurrence of any infringement, or affirmed violation, of the details of this Terms of Use and in the event of any postponed or non-installment of any sum because of Gharbanaein, for an uncertain timeframe. Gharbanaein won’t be responsible for any harms, expenses, misfortunes, or other real or asserted cases in such a manner. The client will repay and hold Gharbanaein innocuous against any cases or outsider cases because the client infringed the Terms of Use or non-installment for administrations given by Gharbanaein.

4. Intellectual Property

  • All type of content at Gharbanaein is a complete property of Gharbanaein with respect to its administration and are secured by copyright regulations. It includes services, images, audios, video, overall media, coded data as well as software and applications.

5. Policy on Prohibited Us

  • You cannot utilize the services from Gharbanaein for any type of legal work or prohibited use. 
  • Gharbanaein included content is registered as the intellectual property of Gharbanaein and the user cannot violate the intellectual property rights of this platform.
  • You cannot compromise the systemic security as well as honesty of our services or platform.
  • You cannot reproduce, showcase, change, republish, compile, distribute, advertise or authorize decompilation of any of our services except the one permitted by Gharbanaein.
  • You don’t have the authority to display, showcase or advertise any property that violates any third-party property. You should confirm that and hold Gharbanaein alongside its employees, officers, workers, agents, and consultants harmless against any type of inconveniences that might result from your advertisement at Gharbanaein.
  •  You will not mislead or represent another individual or entity.
  • Whether you are subscribed with a paid service or not, in case of any forbidden utilization, your account and services should be suspended for a period of time destined by Gharbanaein. You will not be authorized to any payment, resumption of services, or compensation as a result thereof.

6. General Indemnification / Limitation of Liability

  • Despite anything set out over, every client consents to repay, shield, and hold innocuous Gharbanaein, its officials, specialists, advisors, representatives, chiefs, members from and against any cases, procedures, misfortunes, liabilities, requests, and harms (of at all nature) and costs (counting legitimate charges) due to, or coming about because of, any break of the Terms of Use or a penetrate of any client portrayal, guarantee or agreement. 
  • Gharbanaein simply won’t be obligated for any harms of any sort emerging out of or classifying with the utilization or the failure to utilize Gharbanaein, its substance, or connections. 
  • Gharbanaein accepts no accountability for any wrong data or bogus data distributed by clients at Gharbanaein. 
  • Gharbanaein accepts no accountability for any imperfection, cancellation, exclusion, mistake, delay in action or transmission, correspondence disappointment, burglary or annihilation, or unapproved/illicit admittance to or adjustment of client’s information/data. Additionally, will not be answerable for any issue or specialized breakdown of its online platform, workers or suppliers, PC hardware, or software. 
  • Regardless, independent of the number of kinds of the claims started against the platform, Gharbanaein greatest total obligation to any client, in regard to any deficiency of any type whether such claims emerge in the agreement or misdeed will not surpass the worth of the sum got by Gharbanaein from the said client relative to the matter leading to the said claims.

7. No Warranties

  • Gharbanaein, its owners as well as employees or officers provide not type of warranty with its services or data showcased by Gharbanaein. The platform excludes all sorts of warranties whether statutory or expressed for users.

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